The Massage Docs were created to fill an increasingly growing need among the Massage Therapy profession – to have a proven system that will help Massage Therapists start their own clinics and grow their business in such a way that not only provides outstanding results for their clients but also creates an income that allows them to have the career and the lifestyle of their dreams.

Dr. Matt Lewis, D.C. and Dr. Renny Edelson, D.C. founded The Massage Docs because they were frustrated, shocked, and saddened by the ever increasing failure rate of the amazing massage therapy professionals in their towns.

The results of their frustrations led to the creation of “The Massage Docs’ Business System” audio system and the book “The Massage DisAdvantage”, both of which provide a step by step business system for massage therapists that will to create a massage practice that flourishes rather than flounders and an income that prevents therapists from seeking supplementary income elsewhere.

The Massage Docs’ Vision And Mission

The mission of the Massage Docs is to empower Massage Therapists by providing them with proven doctor-based procedures for client management, client education, practice management, referrals, and promotions.

We wish to see Massage Therapists coming out of school and thriving from day one rather than struggling, taking second jobs, and giving up on their dreams. It can be done! It just take some extra skills that aren’t taught in school…and that’s what we’re here for!

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